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Survival Cover 6th - MLA 8

Frew, Sessano Sixth Edition – MLA 8 392 pages $45.95 ISBN 978-1-935770-11-4

A Sequential Program for College Writing

Table of Contents

1. Essay Structure The Writing Process: Planning, Writing, Editing Managing Your Writing Projects Writing Your Essay Editing Your Essay

2. The Argumentative Essay Discovering a Subject, Gathering Information, Narrowing it to a Topic Listing Pros and Cons, Writing a Thesis Planning A Strategy, Writing an Outline Writing Your Argument Critical Thinking: Evaluating the Reasoning of Your Argument Editing Phase: Revising

3. The Library Research Paper Proposing a Topic Library Areas Compiling the Working Bibliography Taking Notes Writing the Essay

4. The Critical Review Essay Planning to Write A Critical Review Planning the First Draft Writing the Critical Review Essay

5. The Literary Analysis Essay What is a Literary Analysis Essay? How to Read a Literary Work for Analysis The Structure of a Critical Analysis Essay Writing the Critical Analysis Essay

6. The Investigative Essay Identify a Problem Secondary Research Primary Research Planning Organizing the Essay and Writing the Working Thesis

7. Essay Exams Short Essay Answers Writing Longer Essay Exams in Class Open-book Exams Take-home Exams Proficiency Exams

Appendix A: Sentence Structure and Mechanics

Appendix B: Documentation

Appendix C: A Guide to Stylistic Revision

Appendix D: Suggested Subjects