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Survival Cover 6th - MLA 8

Frew, Sessano Sixth Edition – MLA 8 392 pages $45.95 ISBN 978-1-935770-11-4

A Sequential Program for College Writing

Level: College or high school students who have mastered basic writing skills.

Our most popular publication, this text is an affordable, flexible tool for teaching the nuts and bolts of essay-writing. Following Chapter 1, “Essay Structure,” chapters can be assigned according to instructor and classroom needs.

The text illustrates the three-step process ("plan, write, revise") and teaches the fundamentals of essay-writing:

  • thesis sentences
  • topic sentences
  • opening, body, and concluding paragraphs
  • formatting

More than ever, today’s students need an approach that prepares them for success in all of their classes. Consequently, each chapter focuses on a typical writing assignment and teaches step-by-step exactly what students need to know. Each exercise is a step in writing an essay assigned for that chapter:

  • essay structure
  • argumentative essays
  • library research essays
  • critical review essays
  • literary analysis essays
  • investigative essays
  • essay examinations

Survival has received the highest possible praise for its Library Research Essay chapter. Building on fundamentals acquired in Chapter 1, it is an in-depth exploration, with a pragmatic, comprehensive approach. It details internet research in the library, and the documentation of electronic sources in accordance with MLA Reserach Paper Guidelines. The Enhanced Sixth Edition has updated the sample essays and appendices to include the MLA 8 research paper documentation guidelines.

Instructors using Survival tell us that their students are superbly prepared for college writing. The text’s rhetorical strategies develop the critical thinking and communications skills needed in other courses and in understanding the significant issues of our times. Many of these students keep Survival at their side as they continue in school – it’s a valued reference for the years ahead.