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Patrick Scanlan First Edition 273 pages $26.95 ISBN 978-0-917962-44-8

Essays for Critical Thinking and Writing



1. Narrative and Descriptive Essays GABRIEL RAMOS   My Girl JANE SMILEY   Confess, Early and Often JOYCE CAROL OATES   Trespassing JAMES BALDWIN   Notes of a Native Son (excerpt) EVE CLAPHAM   To Have and Have Not

2. Example Essays V. S. NAIPAUL   Bombay Theatre (excerpt) DIANE ACKERMAN   The Mute Sense (excerpt) PAUL ZIELBAUER   The Roar of the Green RUSSELL BAKER   Have You Noticed? LANGDON WINNER   Electronically Implanted “Values” JUDITH STONE   Thumb and Thumber

3. Comparison and Contrast Essays LATRICIA DENNIS   Once I Was a Hoosier; Now I Am a Texan DAVID REMNICK   Hock Tooey DEBORAH BLUM   The Subtler Side of Testosterone ESTHER SCHRADER   Of Time and the River

4. Critical Analysis Essays ERNEST HEMINGWAY   A Clean, Well-Lighted Place BEBE CARMICHAEL   Morning, Noon, and Night HELGA ERICKSON   Fear of the Dark AMY TAN   In the Canon, for All the Wrong Reasons MARIO VARGAS LLOSA   With Pens Drawn JOHN UPDIKE   Computer Heaven

5. Critical Review Essays ANN FINKBEINER   The Numbers Racket VALERIE MINER   Borderland JAY PARINI   Border Crossings DAVID WILD   Spiceworld BRIAN D. JOHNSON   Breaking the Chains DENNIS HARVEY   The Comedy of Errors

6. Definition Essays VINCE LOPEZ   Schmooze CHARLES DICKENS   Congressmen (excerpt) ANNA QUINDLEN   The Good Guys BAILEY WHITE   Spelunking in Middle Age MICHAEL DORRIS   Fetal Alcohol Syndrome ANDREW WARD   The Trouble with Architects

7. Cause and Effect Essays CAROLYN HANIG   My Own Son Didn’t Listen GEORGE F. WILL   A Course Correction in the Capital of Liberalism MEG CIMINO   Vigilance NORMAN MACLEAN   Young Men and Fire (excerpt) ANNE C. LEWIS   The Price of Poverty ROBERT WRIGHT   Can Souls Be Xeroxed?

8. Argumentative Essays MICAH C. LASHER   School Uniforms, the $80 Million Boondoggle SAMUEL JOHNSON   Debtor’s Prison GEOFFREY CANADA   Curfews Are for Parents to Set TED SIZER   What’s Wrong with Standardized Tests? EDWARD ABBEY   Walking CHRISTINE GREGOIRE   It’s Not about Money, Its about Smoke EUGENE J. CRAIG   The Deal’s Too Good for Big Tobacco LISE FUNDERBURG   Boxed In

9. Combined Techniques Essays EMMA SCANLAN   Which Side Am I On? Discrimination and Self-Discovery SAUL BELLOW   Chicago: The City That Was, The City That Is BARBARA EHRENREICH   Oh, Those Family Values ALAN DERSHOWITZ   Shouting “Fire!”